Joesph Cheng - CEO & Co-founder

  • He is in charge of the development strategy and consultation.
  • Previously with Trueway Capital as Investment Partner & Researcher. Joesph has led the investment and consulting work of many blockchain projects.
  • Joesph has been engaged in researches about blockchain protocols and DeFi since 2017.

Robert Crypp - Operating Partner

  • Head of operations and written content
  • Ms. in Finance & Bachelor in Business Administration @ Bilkent University, Turkey
  • Experience in business planning, market research

Salimcan Satici - Lead Designer

  • Head of design (visual content & UI)
  • Software Development at Medipol University, Turkey
  • Experience as Consultant at Make Sense Lab Inc.

Paul Xu - Marketing Lead

  • In charge of marketing.
  • He does this by organizing activities, including Twitter NFT design competitions, AMA activity, and community contests.
  • Excavates local communities in non English speaking countries, including Russia and Korea. With his efforts, he has brought organic user growth and brand influence to TrustFi. His passion and dedication to the startup environment allows him to thrive in his position.

hristopher - Head Community Manager

  • In charge of CMs and community operations
  • Class 3 Marine Engineer ( Unlimited) , Regional Maritime University.
  • Experience as 3rd Engineer, Entrepreneur and Community manager with few crypto projects.