Joesph Cheng - CEO & Co-founder

  • He is in charge of the development strategy and consultation.
  • Previously with Trueway Capital as Investment Partner & Researcher. Joesph has led the investment and consulting work of many blockchain projects.
  • Joesph has been engaged in researches about blockchain protocols and DeFi since 2017.

Robert Crypp - Operating Partner

  • Head of operations and written content
  • Ms. in Finance & Bachelor in Business Administration @ Bilkent University, Turkey
  • Experience in business planning, market research

Salimcan Satici - Lead Designer

  • Head of design (visual content & UI)
  • Software Development at Medipol University, Turkey
  • Experience as Consultant at Libre Blockchain.

hristopher - Head Community Manager

  • In charge of CMs and community operations
  • Class 3 Marine Engineer ( Unlimited) , Regional Maritime University.
  • Experience as 3rd Engineer, Entrepreneur and Community manager with few crypto projects.