TFI is the native utility token of TrustFi Network and used as the following functions:

(1) Governance: TFI token holders can stake to participate in community governance.
(2) Reward: The revenue from TrustFi Alpha and TrustFi Beta will be used for repurchase and destruction, as well as reward to users staking TFI.
(3) Farming: The TFI token can be deployed into PLM Model and DeFi yield protocols for additional returns to increase the yield of token farming in the incentive programs.
(4) Auction Share: The TFI token can be staked to obtain the priority auction right of selected high-quality assets on TrustFi Alpha.
(5) Providing Liquidity Mining: TFI is the basic token and gas of PLM System and can be used to cast synthetic assets. Users earn TFI token rewards by providing liquidity.
(6) Insurance: TFI holders own insurance rights and interests against loss of income / market risk.

Except for token sale, the release rules of rest of token distribution are as follows:

1.Team: Locked for 12 months, then release 12.5% every quarter.
2.Advisors and Options: Locked for 6 months, then release 12.5% every quarter.
3.TrustFi Vaults: Release 10% after 12-month lockup period, then release 11.25% every 6 months. The TrustFi Ecosystem Council, composed of investment institutions, important partners, community leaders and technical representatives, initiates proposals and the community votes to determine how to use vaults.
4.Ecosystem Growth: Release 25% every year, according to the annual ecological growth needs and plans for flexible release.
5.Incentive for Users: Locked for 6 months, and then unlock according to the development of the community.
6.Ecological Fund: Locked for 6 months, then release 12.5% every 6 months. The TrustFi Ecosystem Council will determine how to use Ecological Fund for strategic investment, accepting the supervision of the community.
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