TrustFi Farmer

TrustFi Farmer is an autonomous liquidity mining and pool creation platform powered by the Automated Farm Pools (AFP) algorithm built on Web3.0. Via TrustFi Farmer, any project can create liquidity farming pools in 60 seconds using our audited smart contract and platform. Through application, projects can create their sovereign DeFi Spaces with custom subdomain and design.

Any project can create pools autonomously, allowing for:

  1. Creation of token utility

  2. Protection of price volatility

  3. Managing and Increasing liquidity with staking rewards

  4. Creation of sovereign Farm Pools & Defi Spaces in 60 seconds from scratch, using our smart contracts and infrastructure

A Detailed Guide for DeFi Space & Farm Creation on TrustFi Farmer:

TrustFi Farmer is designed to build a decentralized financial ecosystem, which is committed to unlocking liquidity from staked assets and helping achieve higher capital efficiency. In the Farmer ecosystem, users with staked assets will be rewarded the second incentive of the $TFI token with the support of DAO, and freely choose to cast synthetic assets. Therefore, Farmer provides users steady asset yields, and helps them retain capital gain potential and access a new source of liquidity to invest in new opportunities at the same time. As of February 2022, nearly 50% of $TFI’s circulating supply is locked in TrustFi Farmer Pools.

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