Sale & Pool Types

TrustFi Launchpad hosts two main types of sales where investors enjoy guaranteed allocations: Initial DeFi Offering (ICO/IDO/IGO/INO) and Flash Private Round Sale. The unsold allocation after these sales end are then opened in First Come First Served pools to a portion of investors.

Initial DeFi Offerings (IDO)

IDO is the most recent and successful successor for ICOs and offers better and immediate liquidity at every price level due to its mechanics. Blockchain projects offer tokens to purchase for a specific group of investors at a fixed price in the early stage as a community fundraising method. Through IDOs, $TFI stakers gain privileged access to high quality assets in the pre-listing stage.

After the IDO Pool ends, an FCFS pool for the unsold allocations opens exclusively to NFT Holders.

Flash Private Sales (FPS)

Flash Private Sales are community sales where TrustFi Network offers Dolphin-Tier Stakers, Whale-Tier Stakers, and “The Chosen One” NFT Holders the ability to invest in early-stage crypto assets on Private or Seed Rounds of fundraising Through Flash Private Sales, investors access early-stage crypto asset investment opportunities. FPS participants are subject to private sale round terms, these terms in general tend to offer:

  • Cheaper compared to IDO

  • Longer vesting compared to IDO

After the FPS Pool ends, an FCFS pool for the unsold allocations opens exclusively to NFT Holders.

First Come First Served (FCFS)

Sales FCFS Pools are open exclusively to “The Chosen One” NFT Holders, and offer the unsold allocations following the IDOs and Flash Private Sales hosted on the Launchpad. Standard protocol for FCFS pools:

  • Opens exactly 1 day after the related IDO or FPS pool

  • Accessible only for “The Chosen One” NFT Holders

  • Participants enjoy 2.5X allocations

  • No guaranteed allocation

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