Pool Status

Any pool on the TrustFi Launchpad platform will have either of the following states at any given time. Based on the pool’s status (and type) the smart contract will transfer the liquidity and auctioning tokens to their recipients’ wallets.

  1. Created: Pool content is deployed with a countdown timer for farming start; Pool Creator can edit or cancel a Created Pool.

  2. Open: Staking/farming on the pool is available for all TrustFi users; Pool Creator cannot edit or cancel an Open Pool.

  3. Out of Stock: The predefined supply of auctioning tokens has run out, but the pool’s duration has not ended. In the case of TLP, tokens will be locked for the remaining duration.

  4. Finished: The auction duration has ended. For IDO and FPS pools, the remaining tokens are used to create an FCFS Pool for the second round of the sale. For FCFS Pools, the leftover tokens are returned to the Project Owner’s wallet. Investors, on the other hand, get their tokens purchased (swapped) through TLP, Token Lock Protocol.

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