TrustFi Booster

TrustFi Booster is an original pre-IDO platform powered by TrustFi BaaS Ecosystem, acting as a community-driven incubator and on-chain sponsor to help build and fund the early-stage crypto startups, as well as community building and market warm-up before their official launch.

TrustFi Booster offers a package of incubation tools and functions which will serve collectively as a community-driven and on-chain sponsor and will help with early assets issuance, community building, and market entry (warm-up) procedures in a decentralized autonomous fashion in Pre-IDO stage.

The platform serves as an incubation hub and will have two user bases: Project Owners and Pool Participants. While Project Owners enjoy above-mentioned Booster features, the Pool Participants are motivated by voting privileges and early supporter rewards (Vote to Earn scheme). TrustFi Booster awards the community for participation in the incubation of new and promising projects for a better and decentralized future.

Through the platform, participants get to;

  1. Invest and support earlier stage projects

  2. Enjoy higher allocation

  3. Become eligible for early supporter rewards (Vote-to-Earn)

  4. Receive the Limited Booster NFT

Limited Booster NFTs are tradeable and transferable, and make Holders eligible to

  1. Receive/claim the Booster project tokens,

  2. Stake and participate in Booster NFT Farm pools,

  3. Other rights and Benefits in the TrustFi to be appointed in future.

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