TrustFi BaaS Ecosystem

TrustFi Network envisions a decentralized future, and continues to Build products, infrastructure, technologies and partnerships that pave the way for its vision. In this context, our products, smart contracts and ecosystem form a value-creation chain that supports and nurtures partners, projects, and technologies with similar vision.

In TrustFi BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) Ecosystem, the front-end product based on IDO General Protocol is named TrustFi Launchpad, the front-end product based on Decentralized Staking Contract is named TrustFi Booster. The final link, TrustFi Farmer, is an original liquidity mining and permissionless farm creation platform powered by the Automated Farm Pools (AFP) algorithm and based on Decentralized Farm Protocol for Web3.0; effectively linking DeFi community governors, on-chain liquidity suppliers and investors, application developers, and infrastructure operators. TrustFi Farmer is forming a closed loop of TrustFi BaaS Ecosystem with TrustFi Launchpad and TrustFi Booster.

In addition to these BaaS solutions, through TrustFi Network; the Project Owners have access to TrustFi Network’s investor and voter base for exposure, governance, crowdsourcing, and marketing in all stages: in Pre-IDO through TrustFi Booster’s incubation functions, during IDO process through TrustFi Booster’s loyalty governance system and marketing network, and in Post-IDO through TrustFi Farmer and advisory and partnership activities.

Community Governance

The effective operation of the TrustFi BaaS Ecosystem is based on community governance and will depend on TFI tokens. TFI token holders are the decision makers for the TrustFi ecosystem. The community can raise change proposals and shape the direction of TrustFi as the project progresses. The governance model envisioned is similar to corporate governance structure, where TrustFi Team act as the operating directors to execute the business roadmap, and the community provide directives on the company's vision through raising change proposals.

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