General IDO Protocol
The front-end product based on IDO General Protocol is named TrustFi Alpha, and there are two categories of TrustFi Alpha users. One involves the Project Owners or Pool Creators, while Investors or Liquidity Providers (LP) comprise the other.
In the design of auction pools, TrustFi Alpha will use the model of IDO platform from Poolz Finance for reference, and add social invitation rules. In this section, we discuss available pool types and pool status.

Types of Pools

There will be two types of pools on the platform—Direct Sale Pools (DSP) and Time-Locked Pools (TLP).
Direct Sale Pools (DSP): These are pools without any lock-in period, where investors get the token immediately after the swap.
Time-Locked Pools (TLP): These pools have a predefined lock-in period and investors receive their swapped tokens only after the completion of this duration. TrustFi Alpha’s smart contract will also enable pool creators to define custom lock-in periods, thus releasing the swapped assets incrementally. For example, disburse 20% of the swapped tokens immediately and, after 1 month, the remaining 80% in 8-equal monthly vesting.
The current DEMO version of TrustFi Alpha is the Direct Sale Pool type. The Project Owner can set deadline, and the investors can get the token immediately after the swap. At the same time, the social invitation rules are added in this version. For example, when the investor participates in IDO on TrustFi Alpha and donate more than $100, then the investor will obtain an invitation link. If you invite friends to participate in IDO, he will get 1% of their investment as a reward.

Pool Status

Any pool on TrustFi Alpha IDO platform will have either of the following states at any given time. Based on the pool’s status (and, also type) the smart contract will transfer the liquidity and auctioning tokens to their recipients’ wallets.
1.Created: the pool is exclusively available for TFI token holders / Benefit token holders.
2.Open: the pool is available for all TrustFi users.
3.Out of Stock: the predefined supply of auctioning tokens has been sold-out, but the pool’s duration has not ended. In the case of TLP, tokens will be locked for the remaining duration.
4.Finished: the pool has reached the end of its stipulated duration. Both for DSP and TLP, the leftover tokens are returned to the Project Owner’s wallet at this point. Investors, on the other hand, get their tokens purchased (swapped) through TLP.
5.Closed: the pool is complete and tokens have been duly disbursed.
TrustFi Alpha Flowchart
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